Cisco Teleprence System T Serisi


Firewall traversal

Cisco TelePresence Expressway technology

Video standards

H.263 + H.264

Audio standards

64- and 128-bit MPEG4 AAC-LD

Audio features

CD-quality 20-kHz mono and stereo directional audio

Embedded encryption

H.323 point-to-point and multipoint calls

PrecisionHD 1080P camera

12x zoom



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  • Telepresence
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Cisco TelePresence T Series Konferans Sistemleri

Cisco TelePresence System T3 tam anlamıyla gerçekçi bir telepresence deneyimi sunar. T3, yüz yüze işbirliği ve hızlı karar verme imkanı sağlamak için doğal bir toplantı sunmak üzere tasarlanmıştır. Cisco TelePresence portföyü, tüm katılımcıların aynı odadaymış gibi hissetmelerini sağlayan güçlü teknoloji kombinasyonu ve tasamı aracılığıyla işletiminizi dönüştürme potansiyeline sahip avantajlar sunar.

Take Video Collaboration to the Next Level

The Cisco TelePresence T Series helps all the details work together to make you feel as if you are in the same room with meeting participants, no matter where they are. Its high-definition presentation capabilities and simple controls on a touch display help make your meeting as immersive and natural as possible.
Standards-compliant technology means that customers, suppliers, and partners can communicate with ease, regardless of the network technologies or systems they use.
Choose from two configurations:

  • Cisco TelePresence T3: For meetings of six to nine people. Best for headquarters offices and larger spaces.

  • Cisco TelePresence Custom Edition: Customizable for a wide range of requirements, from auditoriums and collaboration rooms to the catwalks of the fashion houses.

The Cisco TelePresence portfolio creates an immersive, face-to-face experience over the network - empowering you to collaborate with others like never before. Through a powerful combination of technologies and design that allows you and remote participants to feel as if you are all in the same room, the Cisco TelePresence portfolio has the potential to provide great productivity benefits and transform your business. Many organizations are already using it to control costs, make decisions faster, improve customer intimacy, scale scarce resources, and speed products to market (Figure 1).

Cisco TelePresence T3 immersive experience

  • Product Overview
    The Cisco TelePresence T3 system offer the ultimate telepresence experience. Rich, bold, immersive, yet remarkably simple to use, the system represents visual collaboration taken to an entirely new level. Thousands of details work together to provide a natural forum to speed decision making and ensure everyone has the same information and is thinking the same way. London at 9:00 a.m., New York at noon, and Tokyo at 3:00 p.m.? With Cisco TelePresence it is possible. And because Cisco TelePresence systems integrate with other endpoints, you do not even need to be in an office (Figure 2).

    The Revolutionary Cisco TelePresence touch screen makes initiating and Managing a Telepresence Meeting Even Easier

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Teknik Özellikleri

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Rich immersive experience

    From the moment a Cisco TelePresence meeting begins, it is clear that it is not an ordinary video conference. The design of the room, the eye-to-eye connection, the clarity of video, and the crisp audio all converge into a sensory experience that makes it easy to forget that the other participants are not actually in the same room.

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Access to everyone

    Cisco TelePresence meetings may have an ambience of refinement, but this tool is not an exclusive one. In fact, it is designed to be the opposite. With the Cisco commitment to open standards, it is easy to bring in users from any other standards-based endpoint - from experts in the field to managers at their desks, to the team in the conference room - making it easy to collaborate across the organization.

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Cisco TelePresence experience

    With a design this elegant, it is easy to forget that what is behind the scenes is what makes it easy to use. The Cisco TelePresence experience goes beyond just product to include services, management, and fulfillment that supports your unique network and service requirements.

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Cisco TelePresence T3 components

    • Three 65-inch full high-definition (HD) LCD displays
    • Three Cisco TelePresence Codec C90 codecs
    • Three Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Cameras (1080p)
    • Three speaker modules
    • Integrated table
    • Six directional microphones with fixed placement in the table
    • Three 23-inch full HD touch collaboration displays and ceiling-mounted studio lighting modules

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Cisco TelePresence T1 components

    Note: An immersive room package, available for the T3 adds premium wood walls, Cisco® Blue nordic-sky-inspired light package and optional chairs.

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Firewall traversal

    • Cisco TelePresence Expressway technology
    • H.460.18
    • H.460.19 Firewall Traversal

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Cisco touch collaboration displays

    • Language supported: English
    • Available on integrated touch collaboration screens

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Video standards

    • H.263
    • H.263+
    • H.264

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Audio standards

    • G .711
    • G.722
    • G.722.1
    • 64- and 128-bit MPEG4 AAC-LD
    • AAC-LD Stereo

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Dual stream

    • H.239 (H.323) dual stream
    • UXGA support for dual stream

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Embedded encryption

    • H.323 point-to-point and multipoint calls
    • Standards-based: H.235v2 and v3 and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
    • Automatic key generation and exchange

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    Ethernet, Internet, and intranet connectivity

    • TCP/IP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Telnet, HTTP, Secure HTTP (HTTPS), Single Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and XML

  • Cisco, Tandberg Video Sistem
    PrecisionHD 1080P camera

    • 12x zoom
    • +25° and -15° tilt, +/- -90° pan
    • 43.5° vertical field of view
    • 72° horizontal field of view

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